Seasons greetings everyone! It has indeed been the strangest year and Christmas we have spent.  Where our home bustles with many people over to join us for a family Christmas lunch; this year was quiet. But we are grateful for what we have especially good health.

Like last year I painted many wooden ornaments. I also did many small pieces of art that people could have during this season. Before could put them up here for orders they sold out. However, I would like to share with you some of the things I produced.

Seeing that this size of the art is extremely popular, I am planning to do a few more in the new year with year-round themes with quotes and “scripture art” for those who would want it.
I will post those picture on the website as they get ready so lookout for new products in 2021.

Thank you for investing and helping art flourish.

PLEASE NOTE: Deliveries may be delayed due to COVID 19. Please bear with any delays. Your painting will reach you.

Have a great day.


Christmas 2020